Gede and Nigeria’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)

The links between HIV-AIDS and Mental Health continued to gain wider exposure as Gede Foundation visited Nigeria’s CCM on the 6th August 2014 to share the impact of anxiety, depression and substance (mainly alcohol) abuse on treatment and care for HIV-AIDS. The Foundation explained to CCM its current survey on baselining Mental Health knowledge among HIV Adherence Counsellors in the FCT with a view to supporting HIV treatment programs (ART) in various locations where Adherence Counselors are serving clients.

A team from CCM led by the Executive Secretary acknowledged this links and within its capacity agreed to the fact that a comprehensive HIV treatment therapy requires complimentary Mental Health intervention efforts among people on ART. This will not only enhance adherence to therapy but could also reduce the cost of treatment.

This initiative generated much needed interest as Gede Foundation is being invited by CCM to be more involved with its activities through regular meetings, and pushing through the identified gap at the National level