Gede Foundation and the 2014 Global Mental Health: Research and Action Summer School

John Minto (Managing Director) and Cynthia Ticao (International Development and Donor Specialist) of the Gede Foundation attended the Global Mental Health: Research and Action Summer School run by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London (through the Global Centre for Mental Health) from September 8-11. Gede took the opportunity to mix with many of the world’s leading global mental health figures and was able to inform a wide ranging audience about the Foundation’s growing focus on researching the links between HIV-AIDS and mental health (and the advocacy and policy development work which naturally spring from this). The Summer School resulted in a number of options regarding future collaborations between Gede and internationally recognised agencies and also saw the formal book launch (attended by the authors and the Director of the Wellcome Trust) of ‘Global Mental Health Trials’ (Thornicroft and Patel, eds.)