Is it possible for children to have mental health issues?

Hi there, Solape Bamijoko is back as usual with her human angle stories on mental health. I happened to listen to a conversation between an aunty and her niece a couple of days ago.

Aunty: Hey Laila! Look at you! Its really been ages since I saw you, you are a big girl now. Hmm this can only mean that sooner than I imagine you will be in the boarding school.

Laila: Excuse me aunty! Boarding school ??? Have you forgotten I am a girl?

(While I guess the aunty was still puzzled as to what being a girl has to do with boarding school and probably pondering.)

Laila : Please I don’t want to get kidnapped!!! I would rather remain at home if boarding school is the last option!

I was really amazed and amused by this conversation but on a second thought, I identified some underlying mental health issues in this discussion and I asked myself is it possible that this young girl is being distressed psychologically considering the current issues in the country? In the light of that can such a child have 100% concentration where her academics are concerned? How can we reach young people with mental health awareness programs? I look forward to your contribution to these challenging issues. I can be reached on