Mental Health and HIV-AIDS

During the course of my meetings with leading mental health agencies and institutions in the UK in the past couple of weeks, I have been struck at how encouraging and supportive they have been for Gede to become even further engaged in helping the stigmatized of the stigmatized – that is, people living positively who are also suffering from a range of mental health conditions. There is an increasing focus on the symbiotic relationship between mental health and HIV-AIDS, but very little research into, for example, the prevalence (within people living positively) of a range of conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, substance (including alcohol) abuse, as well as the screening for the early stages of dementia. I cannot imagine a more difficult situation for any individual and/or family to face than one which sees the suffering which comes from living positively coupled with the onset of dementia. What happens to HIV treatment and care regimes when people suffer from mental health conditions? What happens to mental health conditions when people are told they are living positively? These are the people Gede seeks to serve and support – and, through our work, make sure that their voices are heard in the places where resources in particular are decided upon –