Preliminary meeting with NEPWHAN on survey report

Data from the ongoing survey on  base lining Mental Health knowledge among 100 Adherence Counselors in the FCT has reached the preliminary stage of analysis. This information was shared on the 5 August 2014 to Gede’s project partners from  NEPWHAN  by Cynthia Ticao-PhD from Gede Foundation, who is principally the research lead.

She explained the various stages and progress so far achieved in the survey to the team and gave initial findings from the exercise including younger respondents carrying  more stigma than older ones, two- third  of the respondents have been approached for mental health services by people living with HIV-AIDS and  members tend to seek mental health support from support groups

The report, when finalized will show the gaps in their knowledge about mental health which, when filled, will support more comprehensive treatment and care regimes