Response of The Herbal Medical Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria to Gede’s visit

As a way of response to the awareness raising talk on Mental Health given to the Herbal Medical Practitioners, the Association wanted to give Gede some food for thought. The President of The Association thanked the Foundation for the eye opening presentation. He said, however, that Gede’s perspective is mainly a medical point of view on mental health. He said the way in which Herbal Medical Practitioners consider mental health is in the areas of mental illnesses caused by hereditary and spiritual factors. He noted that mental wellbeing these days is affected by issues related to socio-economic factors such as poverty and insecurity. In the area of treatment, he said there were medicinal words that can be spoken to the mentally ill that would calm them down. He expressed willingness of his Association to collaborate with Gede Foundation’s innovative efforts within mental health in Nigeria. For enquiries about Gede Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Program please email Ekaette Udoekong on