Training on WHO CIDI tools

Team members from Gede Foundation attended a 3-day training on the use of the ‘Composite International Diagnostic Interview” (CIDI) tool at WHO’s collaborating Centre for Research and Training in Mental Health at the University of Ibadan.

Training focused on three modules namely; depression, suicide and alcohol use. This training is part of the preliminary activities which Gede is undergoing to ensure that the proposed prevalence study ( in early 2015) on depression and substance abuse in the FCT  among  a sample of  1200 people living with HIV is carried out with standardized  and reliable data capturing tools.

Partnering with IHVN, the study will be carried out within an urban and semi-urban ART sites in the FCT.

The overall aim of this survey is to show the prevalence and impact of mental health conditions as a precursor to integrating the screening and treatment of common mental health disorders into HIV-AIDS care and support.

For further information about the study, you can contact Cynthia Ticao-PhD via