Mental Health and Behavior Change

On the 28th January 2015, the latest presentation in Gede’s Mental Health Dialogue Programme was focused on ‘relating behavioral change with mental health’. Over 20 attendees listened to the presentation given by Professor Andrew Zamani, Dean of the Social Science Faculty at Nasarawa State University and currently President of the Association of Psychologists in Nigeria.

Professor Zamani highlighted the roles of behavior change in achieving mental health through the following lenses: conceptual issues, diagnostic criteria, consequences of mental impairment and behavior change imperatives.

It was noted during the session that, in promoting mental health, intervention indices should go beyond the cultural and scientific definitions of abnormal behaviors which are mostly symptom-based, but include enhancement of protective factors and promotion of healthy lifestyle in addition to effective treatment pathways. His presentation was followed by a lively Q and A session. Gede’s next Mental Health Dialogue Programme presentation will be held at the Foundation on the 11th February 2015 and will be delivered by Sylvia Christybelle on the Ray of Hope Foundation’s initiatives on Mental Health.