Reducing the plight of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Nigeria

In 2003, Gede Foundation began a journey of hope for children orphaned by HIV-AIDS in the FCT. Orphans and vulnerable children who were out of school were reenrolled into various schools and vocational training centers to support their households. Through working with partners, the Foundation has touched the lives of over 4,000 vulnerable children in rural communities across the country and is still exploring more avenues to support this population.

Gede focuses its project activities on ensuring that (i) school age OVCs are provided with the appropriate resources to acquire basic education, and,(ii) older OVCs are enrolled into skills acquisition classes which provide them with  sustainable skills for  income generating activities such as computer engineering, knitting, soap making, bead making ,hairdressing, tailoring, catering, laundry, metalwork and auto mechanics.

On the 17th December, 2014, 90 older orphans who succeeded in this year’s training in various communities were provided with equipment and materials to start their businesses.

Next year, Gede will also work with national partners to develop a programme through which the mental health needs of OVCs and their trainers and carers are also factored into future programming.