Knowledge Sharing Sessions at Gede

As a learning organization, we believe that knowledge has no value unless you share and use it.  On two recent occasions, October 5th and 26th, knowledge sharing sessions were conducted at Gede Foundation.  The first one was on Organisational Development delivered by Jeremy Boglosa (PD: OD/SS).  Jeremy shared the basic knowledge and practical examples she has gained from her week-long course in June from INTRAC in Oxford, UK.  The second session was a step-down meeting from the week-long summer course that was attended by Godwin Etim (PD: RM/PM) and Jeremy Boglosa (PD: OD/SS) on Global Mental Health Action and Research at the King’s College London.  Both sessions were attended by the whole Gede team. 

Building staff capacity is a priority for Gede Foundation, especially that Mental Health is a relatively new concept for most of its team members.  To ensure that the knowledge and skills are passed on to the rest of the team, the attendee is required to conduct a step-down session or step down sessions if one session is not enough; and at the same time apply the knowledge he/she has gained and involve other team members in the practical application of the concept/knowledge. 

We look forward to the time when we will  share our lessons to other organizations.