Gede’s current prevalence survey on depression, alcohol abuse and suicidality among a sample of 1200 people living with HIV-AIDS in 3 district hospitals in FCT is gradually coming to the end of data collection.

Actual data collection started in June 15 2015 (and seemed then to be endless and overwhelming as this was Gede's first such Study) and is now coming close to the end of data collection as a field exercise. Although, a lot of challenges were faced and addressed during the field activities, the quality of data collected has been maintained by the various checks put in place through proper supervision, especially from the Project Director-Dr Cynthia Ticao.

As we are one week away to the end of data collection, Gede is excited and would like to thank the interviewers, site coordinators, partners including the Institute for Human Virology in Nigeria(IHVN) and more importantly, our dear respondents for sharing this initiative with Gede and going through some inconveniences to ensure that the project succeeds.

We are excited to have reached 1067 as at today and hope to meet our target within the space of one week from now.

A million thanks for all that are directly and indirectly involved and we hope to share the reports to relevant stakeholders with the sole aim of making positive contributions to treatment and care for those living with HIV-AIDS.

Watch this space for further updates on the study