World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10 every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts to promote it. The day also presents an opportunity for all stakeholders working in different areas concerning mental health to bring to the global consciousness the roles and significance of mental health to the overall contribution to general well-being.

Gede featured on a radio programme with WE FM 106.3 in the Federal Capital Territory to present its plans in marking this year’s event which will include:

 Raising awareness about mental health by working with the FCT Bikers’ Association through organizing a road show which will run from Transcorp Hilton Junction and Millennium Recreational Park in the FCT on 10 October 2015.The activity will attract media coverage and will be used as a preparatory activity for the main event. An estimated 30 Bikers will take part in the road show using banners with mental health messages and,

A seminar presentation by a team of experts who will deliver sessions with relevant topics covering mental health and disabilities among in-school youths. About 50 participants including heads of schools, teachers, school counselors and FCT education Board senior staff across the six area councils in the FCT will form the core attendees for the 14 October 2015 event.

These activities will add to i)   awareness raising on mental health in general and specifically targeting school based mental health issues, ii) existing knowledge  within education sector on the need to include mental health interventions within secondary schools, and,  iii) initiating a school-based  response to addressing the mental health-related disorders in schools. All of these will add to raise awareness across different sectors and within civil society organizations and stakeholders.

Join us on the road show and add your voices to promote mental health!