I recently stumbled on the saying that “he who is not GRATEFUL is a GREAT FOOL.” I thought deeply about this and as we wrap up the PSP, I’d like to mention a few things that I am grateful for.


1.       I am ever grateful to Gede Foundation and IHVN for the opportunity to be part of the biggest Prevalence Study on Depression, Alcohol Use and Suicidality among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Abuja, Nigeria. From the interview day till the end of the study, it’s been a huge learning process; I am really grateful.

2.       I am grateful to the Senior Management Team, the Managing Director Mr John Minto and Dr Cynthia Ticao, for ‘fishing’ me out from my other nine colleagues to be Project Assistant. It was indeed an honour, I am really grateful. Jeremy Boglosa and Godwin Etim, I appreciate you deeply.

3.       I am grateful to my esteemed and wonderful colleagues with whom I worked tirelessly on this project for six months;

Prisca- you are indeed a rare gem- you assisted me throughout the times I doubled as Project Assistant and Interviewer and even at the same time, the team leader for UATH site (University of Abuja Teaching Hospital). You helped me where you could and where you couldn’t you showed concern.

Chinonso- you were always there to assist, always! You made a lot of things work at UATH, you were the uniting force among us, that was good, and you did it intentionally.

Bukky- quiet in your own way but diligent to work. We had our fighting times and laughing times; it was just a typical case of disagreeing to agree. You stood for what was right. I loved it! There was a note you made in ‘your office’ on the computer screen that talked about leadership and integrity, each time I come to that office, I peep at it because it continually reminds me of who I am and what I should represent.

Miriam- you are a committed and focused young lady who knows her onions and how to get it.

Tina- my lovely Tina! I disturbed you a lot during your tenure as team leader, but you know, we had to do our work. What all the other team leaders faced from me was just a tip of the iceberg compared to you. You know what, you are a reliable lady, and I love you for that!

Akomeno- my guy my guy! The ladies’ man! You had a way of mixing work with fun, I really wish I could do that. Moreso, Kome, you are a much focused young man who knows where he is going and know how to get there. Kudos brother. 

Comfort- you are very eccentric, combines so many things at same time, good at work also with very beautiful smiles.

Samira- I love your sincerity of heart and your dedication to duty, we talked more during the last days of the project and each time we spoke, I see a lady who will one day be in helms of affairs of this great country. Believe me!

Alilu- my close rival, how could I have taken Tina away from you, so that you visit your village because of me? Mba nu!(LOL). I loved the way you possessed Tina from the beginning of the project till the end, even though it was all jokes. You are also a good and kind man with great focus, and you always strive for excellence.

Shriley- beautiful and talented. You may not be known and understood from a distance, but a close contact with you is very revealing of the potentials in you and your sincerity of purpose.

Itunu- yes, you are loud, but always loud for a reason. You are willing to learn, willing to adjust and willing to take corrections. This is great!

Yusuf- you came in and blended in a flash! Could it be because of your friend Maleek? I can’t say; but I can say that your confidence is remarkable. You are also very detailed.

4.       IfyOguine and Jennifer Nwosu, our data encoders, you did a very great job! I am grateful to both of you.

5.       I am grateful to John Adakolo, MrsSolapeBamijoko and KizitoEbhohimen.; I enjoyed working with you. I found in you all profound humility.

6.       Francis Adagazu, you drove us back and forth the three sites without any mishaps. I am grateful to you for that. Mr Tony Ewesor, you ensured that we got paid promptly, thanks, I am grateful.

7.       Can I ever forget Esther Umoru, Micah Musa, Joy, and all the security guards? Each day I see you, I continually ask myself, how can someone be this humble? I am grateful to you for indirectly helping me re-enact the gift of humility.

I am indeed really grateful to you all!