Gede makes landmark presentation to Embassy in Abuja

There is often confusion between pressure or challenges and stress, and sometimes it is used to excuse bad management practices.

Gede’s innovative Managing Stress in the Workplace Programme notched up another key milestone through a major presentation to management staff of the Netherlands Embassy.

The Gede Foundation’s “Managing Stress in the Workplace Programme” is helping to raise awareness about stress in the workplace, causes and ways in which some of the issues regarding stress can be addressed.

The Ambassador and Staff of the Netherlands Embassy played host to Gede during their management meeting as they welcomed Gede’s Managing Stress in the Workplace Programme. Participants saw the need for a more conscious approach in developing healthy workforce as outlined during the presentation and ways in which this could be sustained. Possible work place stressors were identified, which, if not checked and addressed, could lead to economic loss in the workplace.

‘While some workplace stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity’- says a participant.

The ability to cope with stress begins with recognizing the warning signs and seeking appropriate professional help as outlined in the presentation.

 There is treatment pathway which will enable organizations to access Gede’s interventions in providing support geared toward promoting healthy work force within organizations. High quality institutions need an appropriate mental health welfare package for their team members and Gede is engaging with an increasing number of organizations to provide this.

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