Successful end to Mental Health Dialogue 2015

The Gede Foundation Mental Health Dialogue Programme for year 2015 ended on a very pleasant note on Wednesday 16th December, when stakeholders, partners and other attendees got together in an informal gathering where there was a lot to eat and drink. Prior to the get together, there was a run through to summarize events and presentations which took place earlier in the year.

For some participants, there were one or two must mention topics which were further discussed.  One or two participants expressed their views that Gede had done very well in the outgoing year but hoped that the programme had reached a more mature stage where it should be taken to a bigger venue that would attract more people as well as make it a more high media event that would cause a larger number of people to be aware of the good work Gede is doing. The Dialogue programme hopes to return in 2016 with a BANG!!! Watch this space for more in the coming year.