Raising up Children with Positive Mental Health


“Preparations for childrens’ positive mental health began even before conception. By their nature, they deserve protection because they lack the physical, mental and emotional maturity required to face life”- Mrs Margaret Udoh, the Coordinator, National Council of Child Rights Advocates of Nigeria (NACCRAN) pointed that in her presentation during Gede Foundation’s April 8 2015 mental health dialogue meeting.

They are several negative consequences that could arise, when caregivers pay insufficient attention to adolescent mental health in particular. These include poor self esteem,sexual abuse, behavioral difficulties, poor school performance, drug and alcohol abuse and death. MrsUdoh encouraged every caregiver and programme staff in orphans and vulnerable children interventions to promote the recommendations in Nigeria’s Child Rights Acts to ensure relative support to institutions and families in promoting mental health for children.

The Child Right Acts which stipulate 18 conventional rights of a child (www.sosvillages-nigeria.org/childsrightsact.html_ ) are all designed to promote the physical and mental health of minors and should be implemented across every sector of the society.