Gede at the International Mental Health Congress, Lille, France


Today, Gede attended the first day of the 2015 International Mental Health Congress which, this year, is focused on, ‘Mental Health for all: Connecting People and Sharing Experience.’ The Foundation’s Managing Director and Performance Director: Research and Advocacy contributed to highly proactive and well attended sessions on a range of subjects including, Change drivers for mental health systems; Developing primary health mental health care; Co-morbidity and common mental disorders; Stigma and discrimination within HIV-AIDS networks. There has already been significant interest in Gede’s work, with two international research institutions reaching out to the Foundation regarding the possibility of collaborative work in due course. Gede will also consider making a full presentation of its 2015 Prevalence Survey of common mental disorders in a sample of over 1000 people living with HIV-AIDS in Abuja, at the 2016 Congress. Day two tomorrow and Gede’s presentation to the Congress about the 2014 study on levels of mental health knowledge and stigma among a sample of HIV-AIDS Adherence Counsellors. Watch this space for an update tomorrow!