Promoting Mental Health through HIV-AIDS Peer Educators’ Sessions

Female cohorts in Odo-Ona community in Ibadan South West LGA, Oyo State who participated in peer educators’ sessions were informed on ways to promote HIV prevention, care and support by trained peer educators. The session also touched on the links between HIV-AIDS and mental health, such that the group acknowledged that common mental disorders, causes and treatment pathways appeared different from what they previously perceived.This was followed by interesting Q & A sessions apparently to clarify the myths and misconceptions surrounding mental illnesses as it relates to stigma and discrimination within the rural communities.

At the end, the groups saw reasons why treatment of mental illnesses should be included as part of routine general medical care in health facilities. This project is sponsored by World Bank-HAF-2 grants in partnership with OYOSACA and FOMWAN with the  aim to reach 3000 adults in 2 LGAs by the end of 2015.