ICT and Mental Health

I have often found it strange that while so many people in the world seem to have embraced mobile telephony as a daily part of their lives, NGOs in particular seem to struggle with the positive impact which modern technology can make. Although it is possible to read about the work of ICT research institutions along with the use of various  apps produced here and there, practical examples (which are long term) of ICT seem few and far between. Recently, however, Gede has been reaching out to the UK based Medicine Africa (www.medicineafrica.com) which is currently working on systems building work in resource poor settings such as Somaliland where their use of ICT is making a real difference in terms of healthcare delivery. Given the much talked about 'treatment gap' within mental health in low and middle income countries, we can probably expect to see more emphasis on the uses of ICT in future. After all, with so many mental health experts residing in high income countries, why aren't they being engaged through ICT? jminto@gedefoundation.org