When we started, l was nervous because I was going to be face to face with HIV patients and was worried about their reaction but after the two weeks of training, I got to understand that they are people like us as everyone on earth. Gede Foundation /IHVN have come together as a team to strengthen the well being of people living with HIV into a further study on their alcohol use, depression and suicidality.                              

Quite interesting to know that most HIV patients are depressed as a result of their status and having to think that the world and everything around them is not worth living for,some tend to drink too much of alcohol to save them some mind torture while others think that killing themselves is the best way out but not withstanding, others have come in terms with it but majority needs care and attention which is part of what this Team is for.                     

The progress on the study is been quite interesting having to work as a team where quality training have been giving to the interviewers because they are the ones faced with administering the open ended questionnaire and also the site visit was interesting because all the sites coordinators are ready to start but few things will have to be in place before the study kicks up proper.     

It's a great privilege to be part of this, first of its kind in Africa, with great tenacity from all the wonderful supervisors and my co-interviewers (the team) set to deliver and improve the quality of health for people living with HIV.