No Shame Day

Late last week, Gede met with renowned Nigerian Poet and media celebrity, Bassey Ikpi, to discuss plans related to the holding of a ‘No Shame Day’ in Nigeria. Bassey’s USA-based ‘No Shame Day’ ( has already been a great success and resulted in an avalanche of attention being paid not only to mental illness but also, equally important, ‘mental health’. Our initial meetings with Bassey have suggested that a possibility exists to raise awareness, across Nigeria, of the importance of a healthy mental ‘life’ which would engage a variety of people – from community based activists to celebrities from the ‘media world’ – as well as those who are perhaps yet to be convinced that ‘mental health’ is an important ‘issue’. It is always important, when addressing underserved and stigmatised health burdens to engage not only those who are ‘converted’, but also those who doubt both prevalence and impact. Watch this space as our plans develop in time for World Mental Health Day on October 10 2015