Gede presents at the International Committee of the Red Cross


Workplace stress is common and may be overwhelming if allowed to continue unnoticed.

In tough economic times, workers at every level are experiencing increased tension and uncertainty in the course of their daily lives and this may result in a number of negative consequences including low productivity.

A humanitarian organization- International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC ) invited Gede Foundation to present its Managing Stress in the Work place Programme to staff members and their families during ICRC’s family day in Abuja on Saturday June 6.

Dr Sola Ephraim-Oluwanuga (a Consultant Psychiatrist and Head of Department with the National Hospital) represented Gede and took participants through scenarios in which they identified   possible stressors both in the work place and at home, and how they can deal with them. ICRC is currently providing support to internally displaced persons in Adamawa, Borno, Plateau and Gombe States. At the presentation, they were able to appreciate the relevance of addressing ‘burn- out’ among staff members in the course of their work and presented an opportunity for Gede to design and engage more with ICRC in developing a Work place programme among their staff.

Gede’s Managing Stress in the Workplace Programme is aimed at promoting a healthy workforce through a range of work-related interventions among employees. You can contact Godwin Etim via for more information.