Building a Learning Organization

 In its 2015+ Business Plan, Gede Foundation aims to start the process of building a learning organization as a way of gradually building its brand and be able to sustain its operations in the future.  After months of preparation, a framework for the Learning Organization was developed for Gede Foundation and its very first activity kicked off today, 11 June 2015.  The activity focused on the presentation of the framework to all Gede Team members in Abuja by the Managing Director and the Performance Director for Organisational Development and Support Services.  The aim of the activity is to solicit the team members’ support for the process of building a learning organization. 

 The activity started with interactive sessions among team members on their real-life learning for the past 6 months  and moved on to the presentation of the framework and expected activities for the remaining months of 2015. 

 Please check on this site regularly for more updates on this topic and other activities of the Foundation.