HIV-AIDS Prevention and awareness Raising in Ibadan

Gede’s zonal office in Ibadan has been particularly busy in 2015 implementing a State HIV Agency project (funded by the World Bank) which focuses on prevention and awareness raising re HIV-AIDS in ‘local’ communities, with a particular focus on the engagement of key stakeholders, including ‘gatekeepers’. Most recently, programme staff joined a training exercise which raised awareness about the need for all data generated in the project to ‘fit’ into the District Health Information System (DHIS) – ie avoiding the generation of ‘parallel’ information which does not engage with official structures. This important initiative is aimed at ensuring that key information generated by a range of partners (including Gede) can be collected and analysed in ways which are routine and regular – and which are then used to enhance programme delivery, as well as being the basis for the design of new interventions in future. Watch this space for regular Ibadan updates