HIV Prevention Project Meeting- Assessment / Impact

The 2 –year grant from the World Bank through SACA in Ibadan, Oyo State is ending in December 2015. The project team and the 35 grant recipients met on the 30th June 2015 to examine the reports from all players and analyse the impact so far contributed by the project.

 At the meeting, information capturing tools were upgraded to adequately reflect  the reliability and  viability of data from those obtained from the field and shared among grant recipients.Prior to this meeting, there were assessment visits to some CSOs including Gede to ascertain on-site verification of data, which   was planned to form the basis of discussion with all recipients in future. Data collection remains an integral part of the HAF-2 methodology and overall approach to addressing key issues related to HIV-AIDS awareness among key groups and community leaders.

The project has combined prevention and treatment strategies which involved activities using minimum prevention package intervention (MPPI) as a universally accepted prevention mechanism as well as referral for treatment for those accessing ART. Although people living with HIV-AIDS (who may have mental health challenges) are often seen by facility Doctors for monitoring, relatively little is done to address their common mental disorders such as depression and substance abuse because this is yet to be integrated into their treatment regimes. An introduction of mental health intervention into ART could be a good start, such that a comprehensive care and support be provided to people living with HIV-AIDS who are on treatment.