GEDE and Basic Needs

Today in London, Gede’s Managing Director, Mr John Minto, met with the Acting CEO of Basic Needs (, Ms Jess Mcquail, to discuss ways in which their innovative model of mental health care and livelihoods support, could be brought into Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria for the benefit of people living with both mental health conditions and HIV-AIDS. As readers of Gede’s blogs will know, the Foundation is taking a leading role in assessing the prevalence and impact of mental health conditions (such as depression and alcohol abuse) within large samples of people living with HIV-AIDS – and the discussions with Basic Needs take this discussion to the ‘next level’ in terms of developing a community based way in which such conditions (and their impact on livelihood coping mechanisms) can be screened, treated and referred. Basic Needs is a leading global agency whose approach to community based mental health care and support is much favoured by international donors such as Canada Grand Challenges, as well as by the communities and NGOs which they support. Watch this space for further information as Gede’s partnership with Basic Needs develops over time.