Prevalence Study Site Visits-Godwin, Performance Director and Supervisor for the Prevalence Study

As a supervisor on the project, I am mandated to contribute to the validity of data by ensuring that all logistic issues work as planned as well as offering support to interviewers, data collectors and coordinators. This requires a significant amount of interaction with Team Members but also allows me to see and assess key issues at first hand. As I am also very interested in the practical ways in which project impact on those involved with them, I always look forward to visiting sites and engaging with as many stakeholders as possible –especially when the initiative is as innovative as our Prevalence Study of Mental Health conditions within a large sample of people living with HIV-AIDS. Last week, I have had opportunity to interact with our facility based data collector and found the following exchange interesting-

 Godwin: Hi Dozie, I am sure all is getting on well with the data collection? Can you share with me briefly which of the modules that respondents screen the more?

 Dozie: Alcohol Use

 Godwin: In all the three modules-Depression, Alcohol Use and Suicidality, which of the modules are you surprised regarding respondents feedback and why?

 Dozie: Suicidality. This is because I feel that majority of my respondents have so much regards/respect for their faith and tend to feel that they have no reason to commit suicide. However, few are screened for suicidality.

Watch this space for more on site interactions with major Stakeholders in the study