Interviewer’s Experience with GEDE –Lincoln Egbe

I recently got a temporary appointment as an interviewer in Nigeria’s first and biggest prevalence study on Depression, Alcohol use and Suicidality among a sample of people living positively with HIV in Abuja conducted by Gede foundation and IHVN. At first I didn’t quite know what to expect and how the whole study was going to be but presently after the training and interactions with the team at Gede and at one of the Sites (Garki Hospital), I am very confident about the success of this project.

I have particularly been impressed with the warmness and reception I have received since I started this job. From the security to the desk officer to the more senior officers at Gede they have all been such fantastic friendly people and even at the site for data collection the reception was very warm and I just can’t wait for the outcome of the Study.