Are you one of those paying the price for corruption induced poverty?

The heavy downpour in the city of Abuja, Nigeria today 29th July 2015 was not enough reason to keep participants from coming into Gede Foundation for the second July edition of the Mental Health Dialogue. It was an appointment to keep and was made worth their while with the dynamic and very informed presenter, Ekwoyi Ochigbo of the Dutse Care & Support Group under his topic ‘The Price of Corruption induced Poverty! What is it and Who pays? Kept the audience glued to their seats from start to finish with the mind blowing facts that he presented on corruption and poverty in Nigeria.  He further explained how greed, selfishness and indiscipline are the pre-requisites to corruption which eventually impoverish the majority and bring about mental health issues and   anti-social behavior such as youth restiveness, sectorial violence, terrorism, kidnapping etc., while others include substance related disorders, which are increasing in prevalence throughout the country.

 The discussion time was soon exhausted as almost every participant had one thing or the other to say. Watch this space for more interesting sessions of the Mental Health Dialogue - Mrs Solape Obamijoko