On Friday, July 3 2015, Gede’s Managing Director, Mr John Minto, met with the CEO of Alive and Kicking (, Mr Glenn Cumnmings in London, UK. Alive and Kicking is one of the world’s leading social businesses, with innovative projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia which focus on manufacturing footballs which, in addition to providing employment for those who physically make the balls, are also used as a channel to develop important health messages. In essence, Alive and Kicking uses sport to combat the spread of deadly diseases. From the meeting, it is clear that a great deal of common ground exists between Alive and Kicking and Gede, most especially in terms of, (I) using sport to capture and disseminate key messages related to positive mental well being, and, (ii) raising incomes for those who would physically make the footballs. Watch this space for further information as this collaboration develops over time