Organisational Development Training for CSOs-INTRAC 2015

Gede Foundation’s Performance Director for Organisational Development and Support Services, Jeremy Boglosa, attended course on Organisational Development for CSOs organized by INTRAC in Oxford, UK on June 22-26, 2015.

The primary aim of her attendance in the course is to strengthen her capacity in serving as an OD champion and an agent of change for the Foundation as it addresses stigmatized and underserved health burd...ens in Nigeria. The secondary purpose is for her to be able to transfer the knowledge gained from the course to the rest of Gede’s team members to enable the organization apply the OD process in its programs and day to day operations. The course modules were designed specifically for CSOs and Jeremy has brought home theories and practical examples from her interaction with other OD practitioners from international CSOs/NGOs.

Please revisit this section of our website as we share more specific OD topics from the course.