We, at Gede Foundation, call the new members of our team “new blood”.  And it is with great pleasure that I introduce our new Program and M&E Manager through this platform – Mr. Kizito Ebhohimen. 

 Kizito joined Gede Foundation on August 3, 2015 and as a “new blood” to the Foundation, much is expected of him in area of program management and M&E.  He is also expected to bring in new ideas, fresh flow of energy and different perspectives.  However, Gede Foundation’s HR culture is not a one-way ticket; it is a give-and-take relationship that goes through a peculiar process rooted in the Foundation’s culture. 

 Please be on the lookout for Kizito’s contribution to our blogs as he will be sharing with you his experience at Gede Foundation.

 Jeremy Boglosa