Managing Stress in the Workplace Programme

Gede Foundation’s innovative and ground breaking work in the field of Mental Health is moving beyond awareness and sensitization to efforts focused on managing stress in the workplace.  At today’s session of the Foundation's popular 'Managing Stress in the Workplace Programme' at the Federal Inland Revenue Services Office, Gede's Clinical Psychologist explained that stress is individually experienced and can be addressed as such. As is typical for a highly stigmatised health burdenparticipants were not readily forthcoming in itemizing specific stressors. This could be due to the fact that stressors maybe present in the immediate environment hence reluctance to mention it to avoid untold consequences, especially with work colleagues present in the same room! It could also be that the stressors are relating to personal issues which individuals would not like to discuss openly. Gede Foundation gave assurance however that whatever the cause of the stress, professionals are available to help manage them and help people live a more productive life.

In the final analysis, however, participants all agreed that managing stress in the workplace is an essential part of productivity and a 'happy workforce'. Watch this space if interested in more news from our Stress Management platform or call Mr Godwin Etim on 07030070934 to book a session for your own organisation