Finding Your Patch of Heaven

As we continue our dialogues and efforts to support mental health, I think it’s also worth sharing the measures we take as individuals to ensure our personal level of mental stability. 

I was raised in a humble home surrounded by plants – growing, flowering, fruit-bearing plants.  When I was growing up, family time was equated to planting, weeding, watering the plants and harvesting fruits or picking flowers.  The smell of newly-cultivated fertile soil, uprooted weeds and blooming flowers make me feel at home.  Gardening is a relaxing hobby for me; it keeps me sane.  Seeing the seeds I’ve sown sprout into life gives me a deep sense of accomplishment and anticipation.  They say if you chose you vocation very well, you will never need a vacation.  I think this is a rarity in the real modern world.  We all need respite from the mundane and stressful struggles of life.  Some people spend time on sports, travels, shopping, writing, crocheting, with pets, etc.  We all just have to find that patch of heaven where we can draw some peace of mind and balance.

This is my patch of heaven; what’s yours?