Would you like to have a bigger slice of a smaller pie or a smaller slice of a bigger pie?

The purpose in life is to collaborate for a common cause; the problem is that, more often than not, we struggle to define what a 'common cause is' nobody seems to know what it is.

 Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success and Gede has recognised that from the onset and until now, continue to build on existing and future opportunities.  Gede has made continuous improvements by sharing with others and directing its resources and capabilities to projects considered most important to mankind. Gede's mandate is to bring underserved and stigmatised health burdens out of the shadows through research, partnerships and advocacy - but, in reality, partnerships are the essential building block to everything we do.

As an organisation that addresses stigmatized and underserved health burden, the success so far has been linked to genuine partnership with relevant stakeholders especially on the field of HIV-AIDS and Mental Health. This has allowed Gede to establish a Coalition in Nigeria, of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) group, known as Global Awareness for Mental Health Association, with increasing membership from different organizations for the sole aim of mainstreaming and promoting Mental Health in various thematic areas of their interventions. In practical, non NGO terms, this means aiming for a far wider understanding of mental health than is currently the case across society.

The work of this Coalition will collectively bring to the front burner, the need to educate, advocate and sensitize communities within different target populations on Mental Health.