The meeting between VOICE GHANA and GEDE FOUNDATION entered the second day with more in-depth interactions about the technicalities adopted by Voice Ghana in implementing the Basic Needs model for people living with disability in Ghana.

The technical sessions included practical questions which helped to analyze the realities of the model, especially as it relates to the formation of self-help groups, programme activities, monitoring and evaluation, funding opportunities and an overall sustainability plan. There was a general feeling throughout the meeting that Gede’s engagement of the Basic Needs approach would have significant potential to benefit those living with mental health challenges throughout Nigeria in the long run.

Through this blog, Gede would like to thank our friends at Voice Ghana and Basic Needs for facilitating the visit of Mr Charles Nyante who, over the two days, provided the Foundation with a significant insight into ways in which the basic Needs model works for the benefit of those living with mental health challenges in Ghana. Watch this space for further developments between Gede, Basic Needs and Voice Ghana.