A 2-year support initiative from the World Bank through OYO SACA was aimed at tackling the incidence rate of HIV infection in rural communities in Oyo State from January 2014 to December 2015. Gede Foundation in Ibadan, Oyo State, implemented HIV prevention programmes using the Minimum Prevention Package Intervention (MPPI) modules in two Local Government Areas. In reaching 3000 adults with HIV prevention activities such as peer education sessions, condom distribution and referral services outlets, and a number of lessons were learnt-

Project Management Training

It wasn’t enough to roll out the grant to ‘qualified’ organizations; rather, routine capacity building meetings to implementers yielded the needed results. I was involved in several CSO meetings with OYO SACA, NACA and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that data from the field are properly processed.

Peer Educators’ Sessions

It was a significant experience to have adults (Men and Women) participating in community dialogues during the sessions, and, those infected with the virus were not stigmatized but supported. Although stigma is yet to be eradicated, a reasonable family care and support still exists within many community settings. Participants were always eager to receive more IEC materials provided in the project


Buy-in and Sustainability

The project started with initial challenges in getting people toparticipate in community activities, especially, during the day as adults were always seen attending to their farm and other businesses’ needs. The sudden twist regarding meeting times encouraged full participation. It was also obvious that when beneficiaries are not involved from the project design, it is difficult to succeed in the sustainability plan.

I am hoping to see that the incidence rate is positively affected through this programme as we hope to sustain the initiative from other subsequent opportunities.

Peter Oshademi

Zonal Representative- South West