Demand versus Supply- Unending Vulnerability

The number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Nigeria is estimated at 17.5 million, out of which 7.3 million are orphaned by HIV-AIDS, most especially (and understandably) in those States which have recorded high prevalence rates. For children living outside the care of biological parents, the situation is assumed to be the most overwhelming, particularly, in low income countries. Neglect, discrimination and malnutrition affect orphans more commonly than their non-orphaned peers.

The Addax Oryx Foundation programme run by Gede is addressing some of these needs by reaching out to impoverished households in rural communities to lay foundations for a productive future for orphans. Thousands of orphans have been re-enrolled into secondary and vocational schools, provided with nutritional support and empowered to start their businesses. In the midst of this, there are still huge gaps in terms of limited resources to match with the demand.

Due to the overwhelming demand for services to orphans and vulnerable children in rural communities, there is need to revert to guidance from tools such as the Child Vulnerability Index Enrollment Card in order to pick the most vulnerable cases due to limited resources. The enrollment exercise for 2016 is ongoing in twelve communities in the FCT and within few weeks, other activities will follow. We are using this medium to thank our past and present donors, for investing into the future of this vulnerable population and, reaching out to as many as would want to address the plight of orphans in Nigeria. You can contact Godwin Etim via for more information.