Recognize your stressors and use them to your advantage!

It’s bad enough that people are suffering from stigma associated with mental illnesses and burdens such as stress, but recent research indicates that one can also benefit from the ‘good’ side of it.

With adequate knowledge and good training, one can actually exploit stress in the workplace for ‘positive’ gains rather than ‘managing’ it. Gede’s workplace programme exposes participants to ways in which they can explore the perceived dangers of stress and turn them to their advantage.

Stress, when harnessed properly, can have numerous benefits for the body and mind. But in order to use stress to our advantage, it's important first to understand what exactly causes it and, if everyone tells us to avoid it, then how can it actually help us?

To this point, Gede approaches stress as a survival tool – something which we can all use to our advantage when we address it head-on. Think about some stressful situations that we consciously put ourselves in to make life more interesting and enjoyable- some people appear at their ‘best’ when deadline approaches fast and near!!

So while we may not be the first generation to have faced this amount of stress, we may be the first with the knowledge to turn what has always been considered a negative, into a true positive outcome.

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