Board of Directors’ Meeting- Gede Foundation

Gede’s Board of Directors met on March 14, 2016 in order to discuss the strategic direction of the Foundation, as well as to perform the oversight function required of them. At the meeting, senior Managers presented an overview of the Foundation’s 2015 programme, as well as a summary of current activities and the direction which Gede seeks to grow in the future. As always, the Foundation’s supportive Board offered technical advice and encouragement in equal measure.

Gede’s Board is complemented by several subcommittee meetings which are held regularly through the year, both face-to-face and virtually due to the engagement of ICT; Gede is able to continue with its operations while securing appropriate oversight from the most senior figures in the Foundation.

In 2016, the focus of almost all discussions was on the projects currently being designed and delivered which will help to secure for Gede a growing reputation for impact, innovation and influence. The Board meeting was followed by a visit to the Behavioural Medicine Unit of Karu Hospital, where patients with mental illnesses are managed.