Gede observed Country Coordinating Mechanism’s meeting of the Global Fund

The new funding model is based on allocations. In the current cycle covering 2014-2016, eligible countries including Nigeria received an upfront allocation, which provided improved predictability of funding.

The Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in Nigeria is mandated to facilitate all Global Fund Grants disbursement in-country and supervise selections of principal and sub recipients.

Starting from the Country’s national strategic plan, stakeholders including Gede Foundation (as observer at the meeting) participated in an ongoing country dialogue and review of outstanding issues related to the process of selecting implementers on March 2 2016. Development partners, donors and grant recipients anticipated an all-inclusive engagement of key players within the three disease burdens. Gede’s involvement with the activities of CCM is to add values   to the meeting outcomes, and to offer its contributions regarding the links between mental health and HIV-AIDS, which is noted in the prevalence study undertaken by Gede in 2015-2016 and sees the CCM as an important channel for advocacy work for the integration.

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