Civil Society Organizations on Mental Health Meet at Gede

A group of major Civil Society Organisations whose focus is on mental health met under the umbrella of Global Awareness on Mental Health Associationon March 29, 2016 to draw up plan of activities for the year. Members were nominated into Executive positions, which will see the Coalition run its affairs. The various positions will allow the Coalition to be more focused in achieving its advocacy goals which include having a ‘voice’ and promoting the rights for those with mental illness.

“We are glad to see thelegal framework   andExecutive positionsput in place, so we are set to work and move theCoalition forward ’-says Emmanuel Osemeka, National Coordinator, Social Welfare Network Initiative.

The Coalition was formed with the support from Gede Foundation through its regular Mental Health Dialogue Programme. With over 54 membership strength, mainstreaming mental health into various health needs, as well as advocacy will stand a better chance through this platform.