GEDE attends McGill Summer Program

The McGill Summer Program on Social and Cultural Psychiatry is organized by the Institute of Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to provide the conceptual background for research and clinical work in social and cultural psychiatry to postdoctoral trainees, researches, and clinicians in psychiatry and other mental health disciplines, physicians, psychologists, social workers, and graduate students. On its 22nd year this year, the Summer Program forms part of the training activities of the Montreal WHO Collaborating Centre and is endorsed by the Canadian Academy of Psychiatric Epidemiology.


Dr. Cynthia Ticao, Performance Director for Research and Advocacy, is attending two courses and one workshop at the Summer Program: Research Methods in Social and Cultural Psychiatry, the McGill Illness Narrative (MINI), Cultural Psychiatry, and Global Mental Health Research. When she returns to Nigeria in June, Dr. Ticao will share the skills she learned with local researchers and Gede staff.