Happy Children’s Day: A Grateful Heart

May 27th was Children’s Day. We at Gede Foundation were honoured to receive this story from one of our beneficiaries from the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) programme. 

“My name is Tope Anthony. I am a final year student of Mount Faith College, Sheretti. I have always wanted to become an army officer. I admire the way they serve the country. Every time I see them parading on a roll, singing sovereign songs, saluting officers, standing perfectly still, I’d watch them from a distance. For these reasons, I wanted to join the army and serve my country. However, my father passed away and with his passing went my hopes and dreams of ever getting an education and joining the army. It was a great loss, not only to me, but to my whole family as there was no one to pick up my father’s role and help the family. My mother too, was very ill. 

Eventually, I heard about Gede Foundation’s scholarship programme, which I enrolled into. I am smiling today because not only did I continue my school, I participated in the parade during Children’s Day and felt closer to my dream of joining the army.”

Gede Foundation’s very own John Adakolo, who is part of the project, narrated how this young man’s story is one of his favourite stories. He said the story gives him hope and a sense of accomplishment as what the Foundation is doing has actual impact in communities. He hopes and prays Gede touches more lives.