Mental illness and young women

Gede Foundation participated and led a technical session on ‘mental illness and young women’ in an event organized by She Leads Africa-a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams through workshops and seminars planned across African Countries and in the US.

Fifty eight women in their various careers from Nigeria and other Countries participated and learnt a) the part played by gender in mental illness, b) factors affecting mental illness in women, c) post partum mental illnesses, and, d) post natal depression of mild to moderate severity and the symptoms associated with all the conditions.

Dr Hadiza Audu, a Consultant Psychiatrist from Behavorial Medicine Unit in Karu Hospital (a strong supporter of Gede’s mental health initiative) led this technical session with clinical experiences and some documented publications that were shared.

The event, which took place on May 1 2016, at Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja exposed participants to other health challenges faced by young women and ways in which they could be controlled. The next event is scheduled to hold in June in the US.
Young women are predisposed to conditions that can trigger mental illness and this platform will enable them to know the steps to take as they make informed decisions about their lives.
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