Muazu Abba: Rekindling Hope

Muazu has four (4) siblings. As the oldest one, he took up the responsibility of caring for his younger siblings as well as his parents - not an easy feat especially if you are 22 years old. Muazu, from an early age learned how to do many odd jobs to make sure that his parents and siblings were well taken care of. At 22, he was a labourer. It was not ideal but it was what he could do to make sure there was food on the table and a roof over their heads. 

Muazu’s parents used to help out sometimes but when he turned 22, things got harder and their condition worsened. It was at this point that Samuel, a volunteer with Gede Foundation, approached him with a possible solution for his condition. Samuel told him that there was a project that was supporting Orphans and Vulnerable Children in various secondary schools in the Federal Capital Territory. Furthermore, the project was also supporting individuals in skills training and providing nutritional support for households. Samuel explained to Muazu that he could be one of the beneficiaries in the skills acquisition programme. 

At first, Muazu was very skeptical and did not understand why he needed to enrol for this project. The situation was difficult but he had always managed to make ends meet. He refused to join but after a while, Samuel convinced him and he registered for the course. He told Muazu that there were others that acquired skills in fields such as dress-making, computer lessons, hair dressing, running small enterprises, etc. Muazu talked to a few and decided it may not be a bad idea after all.

Muazu decided to go for a course in how to do laundry. As he started his course, he was surprised when he received rice, oil, milk, sugar and a lot more foodstuffs. This nutritional benefits assisted his family in a big way. He continued with his course until he graduated.

After graduation, he was offered a job in a hotel to do their laundry. When he saw what the hotel was offering, he thought it would be better to start something on his own. That is exactly what he did. His shop has a washing machine, iron, ironing board and other things needed for doing laundry.

Muazu Abba in his shop

Muazu Abba in his shop

Today, Muazu is married with 3 kids. In the short time he has had his shop, he has trained about 3 people who now have their own laundromats. He mentors them and encourages them to set up their own shops as a way to remain self sufficient.