10/10 - World Mental Health Day 2018: Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World

Yesterday, October 10, 2018 was World Mental Health Day. To mark it, one of the Foundation’s Self Help Groups (Mpape chapter), held a rally to raise awareness and then convened at the chief’s palace for a brief talk by our resident psychologist, Mr. Samuel Jinadu.


Mr. Jinadu highlighted the use and abuse of drugs by youths today. He advised on signs to look out for and what to do in case someone exhibited such signs. He went further to explain that mental health conditions and epilepsy are non-communicable diseases - one cannot catch them by being in contact with another human being. He also explained that these conditions are MEDICAL and not SPIRITUAL as some people often assume.


The SHG leaders put up a small sketch to highlight the stigma they have faced in the past. They sketch showed a woman having an epileptic seizure in the streets. Two women were walking by and one of them cautioned when the other lady decided to help. She said that touching the epilptic woman would transfer the sickness to her. Upon hearing this, the helpful woman explained that touching her or helping her cannot transfer the sickness to them.


The day ended with scores of individuals explaining their journeys from when they began treatment, care and support, to where they are now. Most of them are in good shape, they are able to get treatment through the referral pathways that the Foundation and Primary & Secondary Healthcare Centres. So far, they have been able to sustain themselves and are continuing to do so. Our regular readers will recall that the Foundation sought to strengthen SHGs in Mpape and Mararaba, with BasicNeeds US. Please check the blog often for more updates!!

Happy 10/10!! Remember, there is no health without mental health!