Gede In The News!

Gede Foundation has empowered youths in Mpape to carry out  advocacy on treatment of mental health and other related cases.

The awareness programme to mark the World Mental Health Day with the theme, ‘Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World’ in Mpape, Abuja, took place at the weekend.

The programme officer, Zunzika Thole, said there was need to break taboos about mental health issues, advance policy and reduce stigma and discrimination amongst those with mental illnesses.

She said the programme was about providing education, awareness and livelihood support and empowerment for those affected with mental health.

She added that some mental ailments were caused by substance abuse by younger people.

“We need a system that focuses on the people rather than drugs and that is what we are doing. Let us focus on the people and rehabilitate them, if we do that even if the drugs are there, they will not be able to get them because the demand will go down,” she said.

A social psychologist at the event, Samuel Jinadu, said substance abuse among adolescents was a major cause of mental health disorder, adding that without mental health, there was no health.

“We must understand that mental health can come in diverse ways and we shouldn’t term it as a spiritual problem; all mental health cases are health related and we must take responsibility to seek help for those that are affected.

“It is a treatable condition if detected early and it is not communicable when you touch the person that is affected. When you see people that have seizure, or withdrawing syndrome go close and render help,” he said.

Culled from Daily Trust