My Journey with Gede Foundation



My name is Luka Henry Akumuko. I am from Anchuna in Kaduna State. Somewhere you don't want to visit right now. LOLS. I graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where I studied Geography - about how the earth rotates and all that. Currently I stay with my entire family in Mararaba. We are such a happy family. I love my siblings in as much as you love yours or even more than you love yours. Winks!

Three things are fundamental in my life; getting wisdom, sharing revelations and maintaining an intimate relationship with God and man. There's a whole lot to write about me but for now, let’s save it for the moment and draw the introduction to a close.

Me, Gede Foundation and I

I am a beneficiary of what Gede Foundation is doing and here is my story. 

I was introduced to Gede Foundation in 2003 by my elder sister. At first when I lost my dad at the age of 15. Hmm, it never occurred to me that I will have an education. I was too young to understand and my thoughts were limited to envision that God is the author of my destiny. Gede Foundation came onboard and that was the dawn of a new era for me.

All I could gather from what my sister told me back in 2003 was "you will be going back to school very soon, because someone will pay your school fees and everything will be alright." But guess what? She was right because Gede Foundation paid all my tuition fees from Primary school up to my graduation from University. I am deeply honoured for what they did to me and hundreds of others I knew about. And I will never forget. If my brain will serve me right this morning, then I will say that we were 25 when Gede Foundation picked us in 2003 and  I can only imagine what the number might be as at today. I met with some of them few years back and I believe they are all doing fine.

I remember serving in the Foundation after my secondary school in 2009 when I couldn’t gain admission into the higher institution. The one year of volunteering at Gede Foundation was worthwhile. I was able to learn Computer Basics under the tutorship on Uncle Godwin Etim, Mr Okafor and Aunty Helen. I don't have any certificate for computer training but what I was able to obtain in front of that desktop in the program office was enough to propel  me into ICT to the point of teaching Computer Science during my NYSC program in Kebbi State. And I will be launching a new website very soon, God willing.

I am so confident about myself right now. Thanks to Gede Foundation because I am a living proof of what they stand for. I was transformed from hopelessness to hopefulness with the support I received from Gede Foundation and that hope is a living one. My history is incomplete without mentioning Gede Foundation.

 Written by

Luka Henry Akumuko