Our regular readers will recall that Gede Foundation received grants from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to validate ‘Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Screening Tools for use among Vulnerable Children in Nigeria’ in 2016. A review of the Project Report by stakeholders in 2018 suggested a pilot study using the 4 validated screening tools, (now in English, Pidgin and Hausa languages) among Children in CRS’s SMILE Project locations in the Federal Capital Territory and Nasarawa State. The tools under reference are the Conduct Disorder Screen, Oppositional Deviant Disorder, Depression Rating Scale and the Child Symptom Scale.  

In preparation for the study, 20 Research Assistants were trained on data collection for 3 days by the Principal Investigator, Professor Andrew Zamani of Nassarawa State University. 

Prof Zamani explained the study procedure including case identification using the screeners, ethical considerations, acquiring consents from primary caregivers and potential benefits of such study. He emphasized on observing research ethics, especially, as it involves respondents who are orphans and vulnerable children within 12-17 age range.

A combination of presentations, role plays, plenary and practical sessions helped to equip Research Assistants with the required knowledge and skills to begin with data collection from 500 expected respondents in the two locations. The field activities will commence in a couple of days.


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